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Faculty & Staff "U" Drive

All Faculty and Staff on the Sarasota-Manatee Campus with a valid Net ID log in will have access to an extra drive on their computers labeled "U:" drive. This drive will be a storage location where each user will have a 2 GB space to store important files and documents. It is vital that all users do use this location to save their important files as it is a server storage space and is not located locally on the users computer. In the case that their may be a hardware issue with you pc and the user cannot physically get to their files on the computer, all files stored on the "U" drive may be access from any other computer on campus.

The "U" drive may look like this on a Windows 7 computer:

Students | Blackboard issues

Students may get help with any Blackboard/Canvas related issue by contacting our Distance Education team here on campus. For most issues, call Dale Drees at (941) 359-4215 or email If you would like any additional information on Blackboard or Canvas visit the following page(s): Blackboard for Students | Canvas Tips

Faculty | Blackboard issues

All USF Sarasota-Manatee Faculty may get help with any Blackboard/Canvas related issue by contacting our Distance Education team here on campus. For most issues, call Dale Drees at (941) 359-4215 or email If you would like any additional information on Blackboard or Canvas, visit the following page: Blackboard for Faculty | Canvas Tips

New User Set-Up

At Campus Computing we make sure that all new incoming faculty or staff members get their technology up and running upon their arrival on campus. Whether it be a computer, telephone, or even a mobile phone, we make sure that all users can get to work as soon as possible to maximize productivity on our campus.

New User Id Request Form

User ID Request Procedures.

The procedures below are needed for all new employees including previous and transfer employees to establish your email account as well as other services.

  1. Before filling out the form the first step the user must do on his or her own is to establish their NetID. To do this click on this link and select “Activate your USD NetID”. Your NetID will be needed to access and Blackboard.

  2. If an employee had a NetID previously and forgot their NetID or secret question they can still go to to retrieve their information.
  3. Once the NetID has been created by the user the request form can be filled in.
  4. The Office Manager will verify whether this is a new employee (NEVER in the USF system), or a Transfer (employed in ANY position on ANY USF campus, or a former student).
  5. The User ID Request form is completed with the Office Manager.
  6. Make sure employee’s contact information is on the form so Campus Computing can contact the employee directly if they have any additional questions.
  7. HR enters new employee into GEMS and establishes the new employee’s GEMS ID number and this number is forwarded to the Office Manager.
  8. The Office Manager will have the College Dean or Department Director review and sign USER ID Request form to verify that the request is for a new employee.
  9. The user must then let the Office Manager know what their NetID is. This information is then recorded under New User ID or Existing User ID on the “New User Request Form”. Once the NetID has been established the Office Manager should submit a NEO request for new account creation and then the “New User Request Form” should be delivered to Campus Computing Instructional Technology “Attention Chip Doerr”.

Below, you can download a copy of the User ID Request Form:

User ID Request Form v1.2

Wireless Internet on Campus

Here at USF S-M, we offer free wireless internet access open to all students, faculty, and staff. As long as you hava a valid NET ID log in, you will be able to simply register and use our high speed internet. To register:

  1. Make sure your portable device (e.i. laptop, smart phone, or iPad) has WiFi connectivity. If the device is a USF registered device and is having issues connecting to the wireless, please do not hesitate to call our Help Desk at (941)-359-4350.
  2. Once you've established you have a connection, select the "USF" connection and open your prefered internet browser.
  3. Upon opening the browser, it will automatically redirect you to our wireless registration page. Here, you will click on "Begin Registration" to continue.
  4. Once you've selected that, you will be taken to the myUSF log in page. Type you NET ID and password and click "Sign-In".
  5. Wait 2 minutes while your account registers in the system and you will have internet connectivity.

Wireless Printing on Campus

Students, Faculty, and Staff with a valid NET ID can also take advantage of the printing resources we have on campus. With our wireless printing capabilities currently active, user can bring in their personal laptops and download a driver from the USF I.T. site in a few simple steps. Click on the following links to get all the steps for printing on campus:
Free Printing on Campus: Instructions
Campus Printer Drivers

Desktop & Laptop Issues

Students, Faculty, and Staff may request our services for any issues related to USF Computers. The range of this service extends to all PC's on campus as well as all faculty/staff, USF owned, equipment that they may currently have at home or elsewhere.

Reminder: As per our policy, we can provide support for any student, faculty, or staff members' personal computers or other equipment. We can only make suggestions as to how to troubleshoot certain issues.

Printing Issues

For all help regarding printing on campus, please call or email Campus Computing. You can find an immediate help section on the home page of this site that will help you find our contact information.

Student printing can be found in 3 locations on campus: the Information Commons on the 2nd Floor, the L-Room lab in A-210 on the 2nd Floor, and the Internet Cafe in Jonathan's Cafe on the 1st Floor.

PC Accessory Installs

Campus Computing can also provide assistance in connecting any accessory or special equipment to your desktop or laptop PC. Some examples of these are wireless keyboards, wireless mice, webcams, speakers, and many others. Simply contact us when you have the item and we will help you as soon as we can.

Potential Virus | Spyware

With the existing threat of Virus' and Spyware, it is best to make sure you make the right moves when you believe there is a potential threat on your PC. Use your best judgement and if you think your PC is acting funny then do not hesitate to contact us about the issues. Below are a few examples of PC virus symptoms:

  1. Computer is running slower than usual
  2. Your Internet browser is redirecting you to different websites
  3. A virus protection program other than SYMANTEC, shows up informing you of threats
  4. Computer has issues freezing up

Internet Browser Issues

If you are having issues with your internet browser, we do provide support for most. For example, if you cannot see certain parts of a website or if your browser is telling you that you have no internet connectivity but you are definately connected to the USF network. There are many different types of problems with internet browsers because they are all different and have different ways of reading web pages. Contact us if any of this issues arise.

Windows Updates

Every once in a while Microsoft will send off updates to all PCs. If you see the following icon on the bottom right side of your screen this means that you have updates pending:

If this occurs, contact Campus Computing and we will make sure to run your updates for you. If not, you can simply click on the icon which will bring up a box like this:

Click "Install Updates" and wait for the box to disappear. If you see this immediately after then you've done it right!

USF Banner

Please contact Campus Computing via the Help button on the Home page for all issues regarding Banner.

Remote Desktop Client

Please contact Campus Computing via the Help button on the Home page for all issues regarding the Remote Desktop Client.

USF S-M Database

Please contact Campus Computing via the Help button on the Home page or Joseph Sidoti at for connection issues regarding the Database.

Miscellaneous Application Installs

Upon special request, we can also provide help with installing specific additional software and applications on any USF owned computers. This means that if the program you need is not on your computer but you have the disk or your department has the disk, we can install it for you.

Reminder: We cannot install programs on personal computers. We can possibly guide users through the steps and make suggestions.


Please contact Campus Computing via the Help button on the Home page for all issues regarding anything Telecom.